‘’I had recently received 6 sessions per 2 hours of Thai yoga full body massage therapy from Adela and I was really really very satisfied, that I want to describe it like this:

‘’It heals, it soothes, it lifts me up, it presses me down, it’s sensational because I felt every part of my body, it’s sensational because of all of me - from top to toe - glowing with well being. I have had massages before, never two hours session. She started at my feet, went to every muscle I have got, and ended up at my head.  With every push and pull, I could feel energy and lightness flooding into me. Did I like it? No!  I loved it!’’ 


‘’Thai Yoga therapy is unlike another massage, more peaceful, more profound, more holistic. The feeling is that Adela works sympathetically with the body resulting in a warm relaxed state and well-being. The benefits have been consistently positive. I would highly recommend Adela for Thai Yoga therapy.’’


‘’Adela, I have had my operation and it has gone well. I really believe your massage helped me, lots of positive energy went into my body I feel fantastic no pain. It’s wonderful to feel how much passionate you are to give this massage. I hope to you soon.’’


‘’Adela is a great massage therapist. I received several Thai Yoga treatments from her while I was working on a project in SW London and can only speak highly of her services. With many years of experience in Yoga and Dance, she has an in depth knowledge of body mechanics combined with an innate sensitivity ensuring she can perform even the most complicated parts of Thai Yoga sequence with great precision and utmost care for my safety and well-being. A true professional, highly recommended.’’


‘’Adela is an amazing therapist. Excellent combination of techniques and deeper muscle therapy than the standard treatments. I especially like the combination of stretching plus massage, it really works! Adela is also a very kind person, so that makes everything even better!’’


‘’The Thai Yoga therapy is the best type of massage for me, and Adela is an excellent therapist. Thai Yoga is a very deep type of massage, perfect for releasing tension and stress. I find that I sleep much better when I am able to have regular sessions.‘’


‘’Dear Adela, your massage was excellent, really very nice. I feel my body is full of energy. You are extremely talented with tremendous enthusiasm and energy. Thank you.‘’


‘’My neck is feeling better since I woke up. I want to thank you for the two wonderful messages you gave me and I look forward to more in the future next year when I return to London. Thanks again.’’


‘’Best massage I have ever had! I had to ask at one point where + what the techniques were because I hadn’t ever experienced something so extraordinary. I believe she said Thai Yoga? Whatever it was it felt liberating, I could feel the tension leaving every part of my body just through certain points. All in all, wonderful. I can’t wait to come back for another – Thank you, Adela, and keep training and using your skill, really shows!!’’


‘’Adela is an amazing masseuse.  After two hours of massage, I was feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.’’


‘’I had a couple of Thai yoga sessions done by Adela because of my continuous pain in lower back. The pressure points and stretches which she used helped me to release a lot of tension in my body and made my mind relaxed. After 3 sessions I felt more body flexibility and lower back pain has gone. She has recommended me to do some special yoga exercise with breathing techniques as well to do at home to increase my flexibility and releasing stress and tension. I do appreciate for her help and excellent massage.’’