A unique full body work performed on the mat and includes pressure point techniques, massage, and gentle stretches.

Thai Yoga therapy has its origins in Northern India more than 2500 years ago, around the time of the life of the historical Buddha. Developed by Jivaka Kumar Baccha, the physician to the local King, as a deep healing treatment, it is believed to have been transported with Buddhism to Thailand where the massage was and still is, practiced in Buddhist Temples. The massage incorporates spiritual values as it is the practical application of Metta – loving kindness - and is performed with a meditative focus in the present moment.

It is a powerful, healing art therapy that is an integral part of traditional Thai medicine. Thai Yoga therapy is stimulating, balancing, healing and relaxing. In a unique way, it combines Acupressure, Yoga, Reflexology, Physiotherapy, Meditation, and Energy Healing.

The Thai Yoga therapist uses feet, elbows, palms, forearms, thumbs, and knees to skillfully apply pressure and stretches the whole body in a rhythmical and flowing way to enable the client to get deep relaxation and to restore well-being.

Thai Yoga therapy is given through clothes on a comfortable heating mat on the floor.  It is advised to avoid heavy meals before the treatment and to drink plenty of water afterward to allow the body to detoxify. A treatment lasts between 1-2 hours, where the whole body is thoroughly massaged, starting at the tips of the toes and ending with a relaxing and complete face, neck and head massage.

It has got a great therapeutic benefit for a range of specific problems and conditions, relieving back and neck pain and stiffness, everyday anxiety and stress, improving flexibility, helping relaxation, aiding sleep, promoting well-being and digestion.